NTT Faculty Series: Identify Your Mentoring Needs & Expand Your Mentoring Network

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Hosted by the Office of Faculty Development

Whether you are a lecturer, librarian, clinical or extension professor, or have another non-tenure track title, your needs for mentoring change in every stage of your academic career. As you continue to adapt to work and life disruptions, connecting with mentors whose expertise matches your development goals is very important. Clarifying your current needs and mapping a diverse array of mentors to meet them are keys to your academic success and well-being.  

At this session you will consider your current career goals and challenges, develop an enriched map of your mentoring network, and create strategies for expanding this network.

Facilitator: Christiane Healey, OFD Faculty Fellow and Sr. Lecturer in Biology

This event is part of OFD's Supporting Non-Tenure Track Faculty series and is open to all UMass Amherst faculty and librarians.