First Year First Friday (Thursday 4/1)

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Engaging in your department: what is your role in your early career?

Hosted by UMass ADVANCE and the Office of Faculty Development

In this final session of your first year you will reflect upon the past year, and consider your role in the department and the importance of having a voice in your early career. What does it mean to be a ‘good’ department member?  What is the governance structure in your department and how are decisions made? How does your department think about equity? This year has been, as the saying goes, "unprecedented" with the Covid-19 pandemic and mainly online faculty interaction. How have you documented its effects in your transition year at UMass? What supports will you need to fully join in the faculty 'in real life'?  Join Laurel Smith-Doerr, PI of the UMass ADVANCE program and Professor in the Department of Sociology, to explore the value of and ways to engage in your department, and to reflect on the impacts of Covid-19 as you consider this question in the current context.