Funding for Teaching and Research

Funding for Teaching and Research

Three Approaches to Finding On-Campus Funding for Teaching & Research

Approach I: Start with your Department or College/School

Your Department, College, or School may offer funding for teaching and research activities (such as seed grants for research, or funding for professional development and/or conference travel). Start by contacting your Department Head/Chair, and then look at your College or School’s web site for more information (often found in the sections labeled “Faculty & Staff” or “Research”). Another valuable resource is your Associate Dean of Research (ADR), who is likely to know of any available funding for teaching or research activities in your College or School. The following is a list of ADRs and their contact information for 2018-19.

Michael Krezmian
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-2062

Shlomo Zilberstein
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-4189

Jennifer Lundquist
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-5977

Erin Baker
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-0670

Mark Tuominen
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 577-6425

George Milne
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-5669

Joye Bowman
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-0098

Annette Wysocki
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 545-5087

Catrine Tudor-Locke
Associate Dean of Research
(413) 577-4702

Approach II: Review Opportunities from Research & Engagement

Faculty Research Grants/Healey Endowment Grants

Deadline: Typically in September and February

Eligibility: Full-time UMass Amherst faculty members whose appointments extend beyond the current
academic year are eligible to submit applications.

Purpose: To support new, early stage, or ongoing research and creative activity that will
lead to the production of major publications or creative works, attract external funding,
earn awards, and enhance the faculty member’s reputation and research profile.
The average award is $12,000.


MSP (Massachusetts Society of Professors) Research Support Fund

Deadline: Typically early October.

Eligibility: Bargaining MSP union members.

Purpose: To provide financial support to faculty who are active in research and who do not have access to significant alternative funding. Supports requests up to $1,000.


The Armstrong Fund for Science

Deadline: Typically in October

Eligibility: All full time STEM faculty are eligible to apply. Junior faculty and faculty at all levels who are women or members of minorities underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Purpose: To enhance faculty members’ ability to develop significant sponsored activities in areas of strategic relevance to the campus; permit faculty members to pursue adventurous ideas; build tangible, working relationships with industry; and raise the campus’s national profile as a source of scientific innovation.

Projects should be no longer than 2 years, with total budgets not to exceed $40,000.


Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Awards

Deadline: Typically in December

Eligibility: Full-time UMass Amherst faculty members whose appointments extend one-year beyond the current
academic year.

Purpose: To provide faculty with a unique opportunity to focus on their research or creative activities through a one-year course release from teaching and service duties in addition to a $3,500 cash award.


Publication Subvention Program

Deadline: Typically in January

Eligibility: UMass Amherst tenured and tenure-track faculty members at any stage of their careers.

Purpose: To provide faculty with an opportunity to apply for subventions to assist in the costs of book and scholarly publication.


Public Service Endowment Grant

Deadline: Typically in April

Eligibility: All full-time faculty and staff

Purpose: To facilitate collaborative partnerships and interactions with the off-campus community (or
communities) and related scholarship for the mutual benefit, exchange, exploration, and application
of knowledge and resources. The use of this non-renewable “seed” money award should leverage
campus and community resources to solve a problem or build capacity at the university and/or in the
community. The average award is $10,000 per project.


ORD (Office of Research Development) Investigator Initiated Workshops

Deadline: Rolling

Eligibility: All full-time faculty.

Purpose: To provide seed funding for activities and events geared to explore or develop collaborative research projects with good potential for future extramural support. ORD will fund a range of activities including focus groups, luncheons and travel for invited speakers, travel for campus faculty visits to other institutions, research slams, group seminars, and other activities that enable faculty with common
interests to explore specific extramural funding opportunities or interdisciplinary research themes. The
average award is between $1,000-$3,000.



Approach III: Review Opportunities from Centers & Institutes

Teaching-focused Opportunities

Civic Engagement & Service Learning (CESL)

Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD)

Office of Equity and Inclusion

UMass Libraries

Research-focused Opportunities

Center for Bioactive Delivery

Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Center for Personalized Health Monitoring

Center for Research on Families (CRF)

Institute of Diversity Sciences

Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)

Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI)

Models to Medicine Center

Public Engagement Project

UMass Libraries

UMass Water Resources Research Center