Chancellor’s Leadership Fellowship

The Chancellor's Leadership Fellowship seeks to cultivate future campus leaders by offering a half-time, one-year, temporary appointments to an administrative area on campus and by providing shadowing and mentoring from the leaders of the host units. In addition, fellows are expected to launch a significant program during the fellowship year.

Chancellor's Fellows have the opportunity to participate in university decision-making and to develop and demonstrate capacity for leadership in arenas that are not often a part of day-to-day faculty life. 

Fellows by Year


  • Jenny Adams, Associate Professor of English
  • Sonya Atalay, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Professor of Anthropology
  • Chrystal George Mwangi, Associate Professor in Higher Education
  • Christiane Healey, Senior Lecturer of Biology


  • Angela de Oliveira, Department of Resource Economics
  • Lori Goldner, Department of Physics
  • Karen Helfer, Department of Communication Disorders
  • Anthony Paik, Department of Sociology
  • Jennifer Ross, Department of Physics
  • Linda Tropp, Department of Psychology
  • Melissa Wooten, Department of Sociology


  • Michelle Budig, Department of Sociology
  • Kathy Forde, Department of Journalism
  • Claire Hamilton, Department of Education
  • Becky Wai-Ling Packard, Departments of Psychology and Education


  • Joya Misra, Department of Sociology
  • Jeffrey Davis, Department of Chemical Engineering


  • Mari Castañeda, Department of Communications
  • Nancy L. Cohen, Department of Nutritian
  • A. Yęmisi Jimoh, Department of Afro-American Studies
  • Russell Tessier, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering