UMass Amherst wants to make our campus a place where faculty work, thrive, and achieve. To assess and improve institutional supports and structures that are key to faculty recruitment, retention, and success, UMass Amherst is partnering with the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), a research initiative based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in two studies.

What is COACHE?

COACHE is a research-practice partnership and network of peer institutions dedicated to improving outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention. Under COACHE, more than 300 colleges, universities, and state systems have strengthened their capacity to identify the drivers of faculty success and implement informed changes.

Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

Since 2003, the COACHE faculty job satisfaction survey is a nationally deployed, independently administered, and research-driven survey of faculty job satisfaction. The hundreds of other universities and colleges participating in this survey enable UMass Amherst to benchmark our campus’s results against peer institutions, and to better understand faculty perceptions of our campus in a national labor market context. Results, shared with the full campus, will inform data-driven discussions of faculty needs, institutional strengths and opportunities, and potential avenues for change.

Faculty Retention and Exit Survey

The Faculty Retention and Exit Survey is the only multi-institutional survey of faculty retention and departure in higher education. Until now, there has been no systematic, coordinated effort for like-minded universities to collaborate in research design or data analysis to develop a common understanding of faculty mobility. Our campus’s collaboration with COACHE began in 2017. After a minimum of three years of data collection, anonymized findings will position UMass Amherst to make significant improvements in faculty retention and exit management.