COACHE 2020 Survey Results & Reports

COACHE 2020 Survey Results & Reports

Summary reports on the findings in each of the thematic areas in the survey were released during the spring 2021 semester and can be found below. Special focus reports attending to disparities by gender and race which will be released during the 2022-23 academic year.

Results, made available through this website, will be used to guide and inform initiatives for improvement. Reports will also be presented and shared broadly to faculty, leadership, and administrators for discussion and feedback.

COACHE survey overview infographic

Text Alternative for Survey Results Infographic:
UMass Amherst-COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey Highlights

74% of faculty are satisfied with the institution as a place to work
Best Aspect of UMass is the quality of colleagues
75% agree colleagues are committed to diversity and inclusion

Areas of Strength for Faculty at UMass Amherst
• 76% Satisfaction of library resources
• 70% Satisfaction of clarity and support around tenure policies and processes
• 71% Satisfaction with their department as a place to work

Areas UMass Amherst Exceeds Peer Institutions
• #1 Among peers in satisfaction Chancellor and Provost
• 89% Satisfaction with autonomy over course content
• #1 Among peers in all aspects of governance

Areas for Growth According to Faculty
• Departmental collegiality and engagement
• Equitability of teaching load and service
• Clarity/support around promotion to full
• Finding mentors within department
• Support for engaging undergrads in research
• Satisfaction with health and retirement benefits