Special Needs
Special Needs

Special Needs


If you have special transportation needs, you should visit Transportation Service's Spectrans page for information and assistance.

"SpecTrans" provides free on-call reservation service to students, staff, and faculty with mobility impairments. Their primary mission is to transport people to and from classes and work.  SpecTrans also provides off-campus trips on a limited basis.

How to Get Work Done

Always specify that this as an ADA-compliance request when requesting any work.


For facility-related emergencies, all the Facilities Solutions Center at 545-6401.  The Solutions Center is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist you.

For emergencies involving fire, fire potential, loss of life, bodily injury, life-threatening or criminal activity, chemicals or other environmental hazards, DO NOT CALL THE SOLUTIONS CENTER!  Call 911 if using a campus phone. If using a cell or off-campus phone, direct dial 413-545-3111.

Snow Emergencies

During a weather emergency, if you are stuck or cannot get to where you need to go, call the Facilities Solutions Center (545-6401) and they will dispatch someone to clear your path as soon as possible.  At the beginning of each semester, contact your Customer Service Representative and they will walk your path with you and make sure the path is a priority on the University Snow Removal Plan.

Non-Emergency Work

  1. Use one of our online Work Request forms.
  2. Call the Facilities Solutions Center 413-545-6401.
  3. Call or e-mail your Customer Service Representative: Sonya Fernandes: 413-577-0412; smf@umass.edu

If your request is a non-emergency and has not been addressed within two weeks, please call your Customer Service Representative. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FCS Customer Service Manager, Melissa Bergeron, at 413-545-6443 or mbergeron@facil.umass.edu.

Once the requested work is completed, we ask that you please fill out the Customer Service Feedback Survey that is e-mailed to you.