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Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

Conte southwest quadrant fume hood exhaust

ID #: 3427 Start Date: 4/23/19 08:00 am Ends: 4/23/19 02:00 pm

shutdown required to connect new fume hoods

WT#: 19-101033453 (Controls) | 19-101033455 (Zone 1)
controls, HVAC - Assist in isolating the part of the system we are connecting to. There are 2-3 manual dampers that will need to be closed for the day, then opened when we are complete. We will need to coordinate with Jason Burbank and also Kristi Ohr from EH&S.
HVAC Fume Hood- Lab Equipment- Ventilation
Proj Manager: Karlanne Bullens
Phone: 413-577-1719
Dept/Shop: DCM

Furcolo West 1

ID #: 3415 Start Date: 4/16/19 07:00 am Ends: 5/3/19 03:30 pm

Demo/removing existing roof insulation and membrane, installing new

WT#: 1011820
None - None
HVAC Air Conditioning- Ventilation
Proj Manager: Burt Ewart
Phone: 413-326-1646
Dept/Shop: DCM

Hasbrouck - North

ID #: 2985 Start Date: 11/20/18 07:00 am Ends: 11/20/08 12:00 pm

Emergency shut down of domestic water to cut in a new hydrant. Work needs to be completed asap due to weather and ability to minimize disruption to occupants during Thanksgiving break.

WT#: Utilities, Hasbrouck Utility Corridor Upgrade
Physical Plant Mechanical Utilities - Shut down water service to Hasbrouck at North Pleasant Street
Water Water - cold- Water - hot
Proj Manager: C. Kim Jaworski-Bruschi
Phone: 413-345-8020
Dept/Shop: DCM

Life Sciences Laboratories_694

ID #: 3429 Start Date: 4/23/19 08:00 am Ends: 4/25/19 04:00 pm

Evoqua Water Technologies is to schedule RO WATER PM service/sanitization for the Life Science building. The sanitization will be done via a portable ozone generator that they will bring on site. There will be two technicians on site to perform the PM, and the total PM should take 1-3 days if all goes well. Contact Richard Nathhorst for details.

WT#: 19-101031936
Research Zone, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC - Tom Caron to provide support and LOTO when-if needed for Evoqua Water Technologies. Shut down RO water to use portable ozone generator for sanitization
Proj Manager: Thomas Caron
Phone: 413-545-1271
Dept/Shop: PP

LSL Fire suppression sprinkler system 6th floor

ID #: 3231 Start Date: 2/18/19 06:00 am Ends: 7/1/19 12:30 pm

Existing Fire Sprinkler heads and pipe to be demolished at sixth floor room S650 necessary for new construction fit-out of floor shell space.

WT#: 1007718
not required -
Fire Alarms/Suppression
Proj Manager: Henry Merriman
Phone: 577-1722
Dept/Shop: DCM

Morrill II Elevator

ID #: 3261 Start Date: 2/22/19 08:00 am Ends: 6/21/19 04:00 pm

Shutdown Morrill II elevator to allow for the demolition and complete replacement of machinery, controller and elevator cab and doors.

WT#: Morrill Complex Elevator Replacement Project
Elevator Elevators
Proj Manager: Steve Lobik
Phone: 413-326-1651
Dept/Shop: DCM