UMass Amherst Campus
Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

Flint Lab, Chenoweth mps, Hatch Lab, Stockbridge Hall, Paige lab, Knowles Engineering, Marston Hall, Gunness Lab, Engineering Shops, Astronomy bldg., Marcus hall, New Goessman.

ID #: 6225 Start Date: 7/12/21 06:00 am Ends: 8/23/21 06:00 pm

Steam Shutdown for manhole repair necessary for the safe reliable operation of the steam distribution system

WT#: 21-200497095
Shop Assisting / Action: Building Maintenance Plumbers / Start up and shutdown of building systems as needed
Steam - high- Steam - low Autoclaves- Heat- Water - hot
Proj Manager: Mike Wills
Phone: 4133450267
Dept/Shop: PP

Goessmann Addition First Floor

ID #: 6792 Start Date: 6/28/21 07:00 am Ends: 8/20/21 03:00 pm

Request assistance from controls techs and maintenance to shut down supply air and fume hood exhaust for abatement. Anticipated work start is June 28, 2021. Project will be completed in Phases - final phase completed by August 20, 2021.

WT#: 1022348
Shop Assisting / Action: Controls and maintainence / Shut down fume hood exhaust and supply air in containment areas
HVAC Air Conditioning- Ventilation Asbestos
Proj Manager: Karlanne Bullens
Phone: 413-406-6843
Dept/Shop: DCM