UMass Amherst Campus
Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

Central, Rm 123A

ID #: 11577 Start Date: 11/22/23 06:30 am Ends: 12/8/23 02:00 pm

Central Room 123A and corridor outside of room 123A We will need the room emptied before we can start the ceiling work.

WT#: 23-200602191/eB project # 200602191
Shop Assisting:
Proj Manager: Bob Perry
Phone: 413-835-5139
Dept/Shop: Alterations

Hasbrouck 319

ID #: 11575 Start Date: 11/27/23 07:30 am Ends: 12/8/23 07:30 am

HVAC shutdown for material removal in Hasbrouck 319. Scheduled to start Nov 27th and expected to be completed by 12/8/23 or earlier.

WT#: 24-200623465
Shop Assisting: Controls Technicians
Proj Manager: Dennis Stoltz
Phone: 413/535-9905
Dept/Shop: Utilities - ESU