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Current Construction

Current Construction

The BIG picture

Our interactive map of current campus construction

Our interactive map will allow you to view major construction, renovation, utility work, and vehicle and pedestrian detours currently on campus.

Clicking on the picture below will open the map in a new browser window or tab. Once you've opened the map, by clicking on any of the project points or areas, you'll find a link to a short description of the project and an estimated timeline of work. Some project windows may also include links to further information and/or graphic displays.

Please note: smaller maintenance projects and projects with relatively short construction schedules may not be visible.  If you're looking for information about a project that doesn't appear on the map, you may want to check our Work Information Resource Center.  If you continue to have questions, or problems locating information about a project, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help you.

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