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Construction Impact Notices

Construction Impact Notices

Construction Impact Notices (CIN) are emailed directly to our CIN distrbution list. If you wish to be included on our distribution list, please email us with the subject line "subscribe to construction impact notices" and include your NETID in the body of the email. We do not rent or share this list with any other company or organization, and you can unsubscribe at any time by emailing FSCCommunications@umass.edu with the subject line "unsubscribe from construction impact notices".

Current Notices

Chancellor's Drive Paving

The entire length of Chancellor's Drive will be closed intermittently between August 14 and August 25 for road work and repaving.  

Project Contact: Pam Monn

Lot 49 Sidewalk Improvements

Work will start on Monday, July 24 to rework some of the sidewalks near Orchard Hill and Lot 49.  There wil be an officer on site during construction to help manage pedestrian and driver safety.  Work is expected to take three to four weeks.

Project contact: Pam Monn


Morrill Bridge Repairs

Morrill Bridge Repair Work to begin 06/29/23 and run through 8/11/23. Building access at the bridge location will be limited - alternate routes may be needed. Expect construction noise.

Project contact: Sean Milligan


Clark Hill Steam Project

Beginning Tuesday, May 30, Mechanical Utilities will begin to shut down steam in the Clark Hill Road area.  On June 1, Warner Brothers will start work excavating in and around the utilities access points near New Africa House.  This phase of the project will not impact pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Project contact: Tom Fydenkevez


Boyden Walkways

A section of sidewalk in front of Boyden will be fenced off for the Boyden Tunnel project.  Pedestrians will be routed around a fenced area from May 30 through August 25.

Project contact: Sean Milligan


Hasbrouck Front Entrance Reconstruction

The Hasbrouck Lab building access and walkways on the North Pleasant Street side will be closed for the summer to allow for the reconstruction of the building's main entrance and walkways. Pedestrian traffic will be routed around the construction site. There may be occasional noise due to the type of work. Project completion expected August 25.

Project contact: Sean Milligan


Kennedy Life Safety Upgrades
Fences will be erected at Kennedy in support of life safety upgrades from May 30 to August 4.  A crane will be on site on Friday, June 2 to remove the old generator from the roof and deliver the new one. The tunnel service road will be narrowed, but not impassible.  Flaggers will be on site during the crane picks. 

Project contact: Bill Lizotte


Mass Ave Sidewalk Closure

The sidewalk on the south side of Mass Ave, between Lincoln Ave and Robsham Visitors Center, will be closed from Tuesday 5/30 at 7am through Friday 8/11 at 3pm.

Pedestrians will be required to cross the street to the north side of Mass Ave by Whitmore at Lincoln Ave and at the Robsham Visitors center during this time. Vehicular traffic going eastbound will maintain one open lane in this same section of Mass Ave. A Police detail will be present during the setup and takedown of cones and barriers for this pedestrian detour and lane closure. Signage will be placed at both ends of the closed sidewalk indicating such to pedestrians and directing them to cross the street at the immediately adjacent sidewalk.

The purpose of this closure is to support the completion of sidewalks and landscaping along Mass Ave in preparation for the opening of Fieldstone, the new Student Housing project.

Project contact: Marcin Celmer

Construction Detours on Mass. Ave., Lincoln Ave. will be in place starting Monday, December 20, 2021

Ongoing through Summer 2023

  • Lincoln Avenue will be closed from the entrance to Lot 32 to Massachusetts Avenue.
    Vehicles will use North Hadley Road and Sunset Avenue as a detour.

Questions and comments about this project should be directed to the Design & Construction Management capital project manager Marcin Celmer.