D&CM project managers Bruce Thomas and Burt Ewart
Staff Only

This area is intended for FCS staff use only.

Emergency Contact Information

A listing of emergency contacts for active construction projects is available here In the event of an emergency involving an active construction project, the 24/7 FCS Solutions Center should also be called: 413-545-6401.  Other emergency numbers include:

Amherst Police: 9-911
MA State Police: 413-584-3000
UMass Police: 911
Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S): 413-545-2682

Internal Forms, Documents and Calendars

Parts Requisition Form - Use this form to request parts withdrawals for work requests.

Overtime Pre-Authorization Form - Utilities

Overtime Pre-Authorization Form - Custodial/Grounds

Overtime Pre-Authorization Form - Building Maintenance

Overtime Pre-Authorization Form - Alterations

Leave Request Form (login required)

Capital Planning, Land and Facilities Use Policy

Emergency Response Plan - Solutions Center

Operating Policy for Facilities & Campus Services

Service Interruption Request Form (login required)

Task Summary Sheet (TSS) Form (login required)
Use the TSS Form if you do not require a Service Interrupt as well.

Physical Plant's Campus Events Calendar (Google)

EH&S ACM/Pb Waste Disposal Form  (DocuSign)

UMass Amherst DigSafe Regulations and Requirements Training Video and Certification Form

Physical Plant Planned Work Calendars:

Registrar's Schedule of Classes

25Live.  This is a newer version of the searchable database.  It opens on the weeks calendar and can be changed to 3-day or month.  The "Locations" tab would be a good place to start to look for events in specific buildings or rooms.


FCS Identity Marks

Consistent, positive branding is an essential element in communicating who we are and what we do to the campus community; it also provides our large, diverse organization a common point of pride and identification. A Facilities & Campus Services Brand Book [PDF] is available to provide design assistance and standards to better communicate with each other and with our clientele.

The FCS Brand Book

Please do not try to create or replicate the FCS wordmark on your desktop. Approved combinations and layouts are available for download here in a compressed (ZIP) folder. Images may be sized and scaled to fit your purposes, but do not distort, compress, stretch or skew the images, and please adhere to minimum height/width guidelines as outlined in the Brand Book.

FCS_Wordmarks.zip Included in the zipped folder are the FCS wordmark EPS and JPG file formats in stacked and horizontal layout.  The folder also includes approved Facebook and Twitter icons (for use in email signatures) and a FCS PowerPoint template. If you require a different file size or format (AI, GIF, PDF, etc.), or if you have any questions concerning appropriate use, please contact the FCS Communications Manager, Jim Hunt, at 7-4767 or jhunt@facil.umass.edu.


Tririga Help

If you do not currently have access privileges to Tririga, your supervisor should email tririga-help@umass.edu with your full name and a description of the access required.

To log in to Tririga, go to http://tririga.umass.edu. You will need to enter your NETID as your username and a default password (as a new user, you should always change your password using the instructions in the Tririga Operator's New User Packet below). If you do not know the initial default password, or need help accessing Tririga while off-campus, please email tririga-help@admin.umass.edu.

Tririga Operator's New User Packet [PDF]

Tririga Operator's Navigation and Hints [PDF]