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When the Soul Looks Out

                     Iya Awotunde Judyie Al-Bilali

                                                    has worked off-Broadway and in regional
                                               education, and applied theatre. An actor,
                                                  director, playwright and producer, she
                                          Judyie Al-Bilali has been an innovator
                                       For over four decades, Iya Awotunde
                                                       theater nationwide. She is currently
                                             in the fields of performing arts, arts
                                                            Transformation at the University of  Associate Professor of Theater for Social  Massachusetts Amherst. As a Fulbright  Scholar at the University of the Western  Cape in South Africa she created Brown  Paper Studio, a trademarked applied  theatre methodology. Iya Judyie is the  author of two books, For the Feeling: Love  & Transformation from New York to Cape  Town, a memoir about her experiences  living in South Africa and H

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