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Alicia Renadette
                My Spirit Animal is a Mutant Fawn, 2017

                Mixed media sculpture
                60 x 48 x 34 inches

                Materials include: Upholstery fabric, plastic lace tablecloth, rubber bands, wire, Easter Bunny costume, facial tissues,
                clay, epoxy, paint, disassembled artificial flowers, Easter grass, cocktail swords, frilled toothpicks, latch-hooked yarn,

                found mirror, found deflated balloon, plastic diamond corsage pins, glitter, cotton cosmetics pads, styrofoam head.

                “This clumsy creature references many childhood memories including the scene where Bambi stands for the first
                time on unsteady, spindly legs, the bizarre and perverse countenance of the local mall’s visiting Easter Bunny

                photo portrait character and the cartoonish anger of a Science Fair volcano. The bunny costume’s head is mangled
                and sightless; arranged as an albino cherry atop a fur-covered scalloped-lattice which covers the centaur-fawn’s

                crouched body. The reflection in the mirror, over which the creature perches, reveals an intimate and surprising
                view of a ghostly head crowning.”
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