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Alicia Renadette borrowed the title “Energy Constellations” from a quote by the artist, Joseph Beuys. Like Beuys,

             Renadette believes that most materials and objects contain hidden symbolic potential. The materials she chooses are

             mostly discarded items that were meant to provide domestic comfort, decoration and order, but which have been

             heaped onto curbside piles of holiday aftermaths; tangled and strewn across landscapes; or lumped in with the other

             rejects at the thrift store. Out of disfavored fantastical materials such as artificial Christmas Trees, hobby horses, plastic

             flower arrangements, and lacy lingerie mixed with the lesser celebrated trappings of home like afghans, lumpy pillows,

             frumpy sweaters, dishwashing gloves and brightly colored sponges, she creates new associations and uniquely surreal

             ecosystems built around overcoming hidden trauma within the home.

             In her work, the Feminine realms of gardens and home are portrayed as tangled truths and altars of excess fraught with

             menacing beauty. Subterranean layers with compounded clusters of familiar textures can be gleaned through

             overgrowths of disposable party ephemera crawling on the surfaces in textures suggestive of a photogenic fungal

             disease. The amassment of Stuff is meant to mimic a tendency to cover or placate mental anguish by burying it with

             material things. Renadette believes, however, that these specific arrangements of these specific materials work

             together to reclaim their value by propagating new energy, and generating new meaning independent of their

             manufactured intentions.

             In the artist’s words, “ I depict these scenarios in-flux and with touches of light-hearted irony in order to allow for the

             possibility of resilience and humor in spite of trauma created by social dysfunction. I find that I need to acknowledge

             trauma, but to have a reserve of hope and humor in order to thrive in my surroundings.”
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