Zube Lecture: 'They’re Back? Next Steps for America’s Legacy Cities'

Event Details

September 5, 2019
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Olver Design Building

Room: 170

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission

PhD candidate in Regional Planning Lara Furtado, and Extension Assistant Professor Michael Di Pasquale will speak on "They’re Back? Next Steps for America’s Legacy Cities"

After decades of decline, many of America’s Legacy Cities, the once great manufacturing centers in the northeast and Midwest, are coming back. However, new research shows that midsize legacy cities, including Springfield, Massachusetts (pop. 150,000) lag behind their larger peers.

The lecture highlights recent activities implemented by the UMass Design Center in Springfield to address the city’s social and economic challenges and promote community building. Examples include the “Make-It Springfield” collaborative workspace and new UMass research related to climate change and the role that green design and social infrastructure can play in mitigating the impacts that major climate events and disasters have on vulnerable populations in Springfield and other Legacy Cities.