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Virtual Book Club - Read UMass: "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous"

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August 6—October 8, 2020

Free admission
Joe Piedrafite ’06, ’20 MBA

Love reading and looking for a fun way to connect with UMass alumni? Take a break from your everyday and join the Read UMass Virtual Book Club to discuss new ideas and connect with other curious minds.

Our private, online forum is designed to let you read at your own pace and participate in curated discussions. Our next book is On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous, a critically acclaimed novel written by renowned poet and UMass Amherst Department of English Assistant Professor Ocean Vuong.

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous tells the story of Little Dog "who is composing a long letter to his Vietnamese mother. Little Dog and his family grew up poor in Hartford, Connecticut, but their struggles do not end there. His mother still carries the burden of the war, as does his grandmother, and Little Dog’s struggles reach not only back to the traumas of Vietnam but forward in his efforts to fit in to a world that sees him as other. Eventually, he does find some solace in an ill-fated relationship with an older “redneck” boy, but that is only temporary." -

The book club reads 4-5 books a year and members can participate in one or all book selections. 

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