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#UMassWinter17 Photo Contest Submissions Open

Event Details

February 10—February 21, 2017

All Campus

UMass Amherst Social Media Team

It's time to show off your best photos of UMass Amherst in winter! 

Submit your photos through Instagram  using #umasswinter17

Finalists will appear in a photo gallery on official UMass Amherst social media. Three winners and up to five honorable mention photographers will be selected. Winners will receive Amazon gifts cards.

How to enter, how to win, how not to be disqualified:

1. Take your best shots of the UMass Amherst campus in winter.  Photos must be taken between November 1, 2016 and February 21, 2017.   Photos deemed to be taken outside of this time and not on the UMass Amherst campus will be disqualified. 

2. Photos will be judged by multiple criteria, including:  1) Photographic and artistic quality.   2) Integration of the campus into the photo. The judges are looking photos that are obviously taken on the campus of UMass Amherst.  3) Unique point of view.  We all know how beautiful the view of the campus can be from the 23rd floor of the Du  Bois Library. Think of shooting something different. 

3. Post your photos to  Instagram using #umasswinter17 . Submissions are only through Instagram.  Do not email photos, or post to Facebook or other social media.  This is an Instagram only contest.

4. Photos must be your own work or accurately credited with the name of the photographer if it's not you.  Prizes will be awarded to the photographer, not to the submitter. Photos that are judged to not be your own work or that are not properly credited as someone else's work, will be disqualified from the contest.

5. For best results, use  filters thoughtfully, if at all. Before using a filter, ask yourself, "does this add to the quality of the photo?"

6. Photos posted with #umasswinter17 may be used by UMass Amherst in print or online publications in perpetuity.  When feasible, credit will be given to the photographer, but this is not always possible.

7. The contest is open to all.

8. Submit as many photos as you want, but each photographer is eligible for only one prize.

9. To make it easy for us to give credit where credit is due, if possible please include your full name in your Instagram post.

10. Three winners will each receive $30 Amazon gift cards.  A photographer may have multiple photos selected as finalists but each photographer can only win one prize.  Contest winners will be announced on Friday, February 24, 2017.

The winners and finalists will be included in a photo gallery to be posted on official UMass Amherst social media.  

Between February 10 and 21 while the contest is running, selected photo entries may be shared on UMass Amherst social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Need some inspiration?  Check out the finalists from the 2016 UMass Amherst Winter Photo Contest at

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