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Talk: 'Site Selection/Route Planning for Post-Disaster Rapid Needs Assessment'

Event Details

March 30, 2018
11:00 am-12:00 pm

Isenberg School of Management

Room: 128

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Sayeeda Ayaz

The UMass Amherst Student Chapter of INFORMS and its Faculty Advisor, Professor Anna Nagurney, are hosting a talk by Dr. Burcu Balcik from Ozyegin University in Istanbul, Turkey as part of our INFORMS Speaker Series.

Dr. Burcu Balcik will speak about about her research focused on humanitarian rapid needs assessment operations, which are conducted immediately after a disaster to investigate the effects of the disaster on the affected community groups. The research addresses the problem of selecting the sites to be visited by the assessment teams during a fixed assessment period and constructing assessment routes under travel time uncertainty. The authors represent uncertain travel times by specifying a range of values and propose a robust optimization approach, which ensures that each constructed route is feasible for all realizations of the uncertain parameters that lie in a predetermined uncertainty set. Then they present tractable formulations that are robust with respect to different uncertainty sets and propose using the robust formulation with a co-axial box uncertainty set for rapid assessment planning. They develop an efficient tabu search heuristic to solve the proposed model and present computational results to test their solution method and illustrate their approach on a case study. 


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