Talk: Learning from the Most Sustainable Place on Earth

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August 18, 2013
6:00 pm

Food For Thoughts Books
106 N. Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA 01002
United States
42° 22' 39.306" N, 72° 31' 11.694" W
Admission is on a sliding scale from 10$ - 20$

Roberto Perez, Cuban environmental educator featured in the award winning documentary, "The Power of Community, How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" is on a US tour to promote the upcoming 11th annual International Permaculture Convergence, and to show us how we can learn from Cuba's struggles and success. 

Roberto will be in Amherst at Food For Thought Books Collective promoting the tour, and presenting on the efforts of permaculture in Urban areas of Cuba. Permaculture has had an enormous impact on Cuba's food system, with Havana able to produce 60% of its own fruits and vegetables! Roberto will be talking about this urban agriculture boom, and how we can learn from a self-sustainable Cuba.

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Lecture/Talk Sustainability