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Talk: 'Fictions of Integration'

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April 9, 2018
6:45 pm

Furcolo Hall

Room: 102

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
John Ciampa

Pizza & Book Talk by Naomi Leslie, author of "Fictions of Integration: American Children’s Literature and the Legacies of Brown v. Board of Education."

(Pizza & Refreshments at 6:45, talk begins at 7:00) 

About the book: This book examines how children’s and young adult literature addresses and interrogates the legacies of American school desegregation. Such literature narrates not only the famous battles to implement desegregation in the South, but also more insidious and less visible legacies, such as re-segregation within schools through the mechanism of disability diagnosis. Lesley combines approaches from critical race theory, disability studies, and educational philosophy in order to investigate how the educational market simultaneously constrains how racism in schools can be presented to young readers and also provides channels for radical critiques of pedagogy and visions of alternative systems. 

Naomi Lesley is an assistant professor of English at Holyoke Community College. She earned her doctorate in English from the George Washington University, and her research focuses on issues of race, disability and education in children's literature. 

This talk will be of particular interest to faculty and students in the areas of English education, children’s literature, LLC, TESI, CFS, SJE, and the English Department.  

Sponsored by Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies and English departments. 


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