Film Screening
This season’s series, “Fantastic Animals,” investigates images of animals in world cinema with films from Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, India, Iran, South Korea, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and elsewhere.

September 9—December 9, 2015, Wednesdays 7:00 pm-10:00 pm
This event does NOT occur on:
November 11, November 25, December 16

Flavin Family Auditorium, 137 Isenberg School of Management
Malcolm X Cultural Center is sponsoring several screenings of ten movies that focus on issues with societal relevance.

September 29—December 1, 2015, Tuesdays 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Malcolm X Cultural Center, Cultural Center

Native and Indigenous people have had a dynamic relationship with films and occupied many roles in their production.

September 30—November 4, 2015, Wednesdays 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

Chadbourne House, JWECC B-3

In this masterwork of British social realist cinema, a bullied Yorkshire boy develops a relationship with a kestrel that gives him hope.  

October 14, 2015
7:00 pm

Isenberg School of Management, 137

This mesmerizing video, the last documentary made by the late director Marion Cajori, expertly reveals Chuck Close’s singular process of portraiture. 

October 15, 2015
5:00 pm-7:30 pm

Herter Hall, 227

Grab your popcorn and settle in before the big screen to enjoy a showing of Trainwreck as the University Programming Council hosts its weekly movie.

October 16, 2015
8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Student Union Ballroom, Cape Cod Lounge

The age of fish meat is here.

October 17, 2015
2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Boston Public Market's Demonstration Kitchen
Marking the debut feature film of writer/director Dee Rees, the award-winning Pariah tells the story of Akile, a 17 year old African American teenager from Brooklyn, as she juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression.

October 20, 2015
6:30 pm

Campus Center, 203

An outsider with a pet canary and an ethereal singing voice struggles to survive in modern-day/economic crisis-era Athens in this daring low-budget feature.

October 21, 2015
7:00 pm

Isenberg School of Management, 137

In this contemporary version of the Cambodian folk story, a half-human girl who is the daughter of a snake god will fully turn into a serpent when she loses her virginity.

October 28, 2015
7:00 pm

Isenberg School of Management, 137