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Small Changes–Big Impact:Interventions for Diversity-Positive Classes

Event Details

February 6, 2019
12:00 pm-1:30 pm

Library, W.E.B. Du Bois

Room: 2601

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission
Kirsten Helmer

Diversity Lunch Talk: Small Changes – Big Impact: Interventions for Cultivating Diversity-Positive Classes That Any Instructor Can Do.

Session Description: Research shows that students who feel included in our classes are more engaged and motivated to strive for their best performance. As instructors, we can make much of a difference in how students experience the class environment. Yet, many instructors feel that they don’t have the teaching expertise or time to address issues of diversity in their classes, or that the course content doesn’t lend itself to engage diversity topics.

In this workshop, TIDE Ambassador Faculty Fellows Michelle Trim (Computer Sciences) and Paige Warren (Environmental Conservation) will lead attendees in a working discussion around the following questions: What is the relationship between inclusivity and diversity? What conditions help someone to feel included and engaged in the classroom? How do terms like inclusion, diversity, and equity relate to individual teaching practices? From these discussions, we will work together to describe small changes that can have big impacts on how students experience our classrooms. We will engage participants in developing strategies for introducing a diversity-positive class that anyone can do and that do not require a complete course overhaul.

This workshop will be useful for those new to these ideas and to those experienced in making their classes feel more welcoming.

Session Goals

  • Demonstrate that all instructors can make their classes more welcoming regardless of size or subject
  • Provide some tested, small interventions that anyone can use to make their classes more welcoming
  • facilitate attendees developing their own small interventions specific to their goals and contexts

Who should attend? All faculty and graduate student TAs/TOs

This event is part of the monthly Diversity Lunch Talks offered by The Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD) through its Diversity & Inclusive Teaching Professional Development Series.

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Michelle Trim, Lecturer in the College of Information and Computer Sciences and Informatics Associate Program Director,  teaches Introduction to Informatics,  Social Issues in Computing (JYW) and the graduate course: Ethical Considerations in Computing. She is a TIDE Ambassador Fellow, having participated in TEFD’s Teaching for Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity (TIDE) Ambassador program in 2016-2017.  

Paige Warren, Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation, studies the ecology of urban ecosystems. A major component of her work examines inequalities in access to biodiversity and enriched green spaces. She is a TIDE Ambassador Fellow, having participated in TEFD’s Teaching for Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity (TIDE) Ambassador program in 2016-2017.