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Sign-up for Spring Support Groups at Center for Women & Community

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February 16—March 1, 2018

Free admission
Center for Women & Community
Sign up to join a free support groups offered in a safe and confidential environment.  We are now accepting members for spring semester, call for more information or to register: 413-545-0883. 
1. Trauma-informed Yoga invites participants to experience their body in a safe and deliberate way using breath work, gentle movement and relaxation.  Clients are empowered to make choices throughout the practice.  Emphasis is placed on the sensory experience, not the form and everything about the experience is optional. All body types, abilities, genders and gender identities are invited. No prior yoga experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing for movement. Mats and props will be provided.
2. Storytelling for Survivors: #metoo is a space where survivors will have the opportunity to share their stories and get support while supporting others to create a community of healing.  In addition to creating a safer, supportive, non-judgmental space for each survivor to share their story, the group will discuss healing, breaking silence, coping, self care, isolation, trauma, and other topics that impact the lives of survivors.  

3. Mindfulness and Mood: Ruled by anxiety, mood or emotions?  Gain skills that will help you to reduce anxiety, improve mood and relationships, relax your body and quiet your mind and gain greater emotional balance. This 8- session group will focus on the stresses facing individuals and will offer skills to manage anxiety, mood and emotions and to empower individuals in their everyday lives. Join us in a supportive space Free of charge and open to the community. Registration and pre-group meeting required.


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