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Seminar: 'The Origins of Violence and Principles and Practices of Prevention'

Event Details

November 3, 2016
12:00 pm-1:30 pm

Room: 160 East

Free admission
Debbie Weyl

Professor Ervin Staub presents his talk titled: “The Origins of Violence and Principles and Practices of Prevention.”

Staub taught at Harvard, and is Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the doctoral program in The Psychology of Peace and Violence at the University of Massachusetts,  Amherst. He is past President of the International Society for Political Psychology and of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence. 
His last two books are the award winning “Overcoming Evil: Genocide, Violent Conflict and Terrorism,”  2011 and “The Roots of Goodness and Resistance to Evil: Inclusive Caring, Moral Courage, Altruism Born of Suffering, Active Bystandership and Heroism,”  2015. He worked with teachers and schools to promote altruism in children, and conducted projects in Rwanda, Burundi and the Congo to promote reconciliation. For awards and downloads of articles, see
Professor Staub will discuss the  origins of violence, essential to understand for effective prevention, and both central principles and practices of prevention. Its starting point will be the origins and prevention of genocide, but he will also draw on his work on extreme violent conflict, and reconciliation in Rwanda and elsewhere. As part of prevention, ways will be discussed to promote active bystandership by individuals and groups, and develop caring and helping and moral courage in children and adults, even after victimization (“altruism born of suffering”). He will briefly refer to issues of origins and prevention in other realms, such as police violence, bullying and abuse in the family. If time allows, he will discuss creating caring societies.