Paper Mirrors: An Audiovisual Experience Featuring Delicate Steve

April 4, 2013
8:00 pm

Bowker Auditorium

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission
Dylan Brewer

Paper Mirrors: An Audiovisual Experience featuring Delicate Steve, the WMUA Alternative Spring Concert and TEDxUMassAmherst Kickoff Event

Produced by The Brio Life

Sponsored by IPaintMyMind, Allston Pudding, and Oh So Fresh Music

*As a partner for the concert, TEDxUMassAmherst will be giving away 5 tickets to their TED conference held on Saturday, April 13th. For details on the conference, click here.

Delicate Steve, afro-pop rock band from New Jersey (featured on NPR, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and CMJ) 
Delicate Steve imposes strange limitations on its music: It's largely wordless, with a primary "voice" built around Steve Marion's sinewy, high-pitched slide-guitar leads. Polyrhythms give the band's songs a skittish, jumpy quality — they often threaten to barrel ahead of themselves. But within those restrictions, or perhaps because of them, Delicate Steve's music maintains the capacity to surprise. Its two albums are guitar showcases that don't shred, dance records that don't adhere to familiar beats and classic-rock throwbacks that fan out into world music, prog, reggae, surf-rock and more, with the propulsive jitteriness of Ratatat and the sideways oddness of Dirty Projectors. - NPR
Hokes, electronic producer and soundscape artist from New Jersey 
 —with special guests from members of the UMass Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Orchestra, performing his conceptual album, Head Games, with live visuals.
The 21-year-old New Jersey native aims to paint not only an auditory trip, but visual imagery conjured by utilizing a seemingly erratic and spontaneous yet meaningful song structure. His recent EP Head Games embodies a philosophical approach and passion in composing each piece. - Earmilk

*The Brio Life will also be hosting their documentary premier featuring Delicate Steve  on Music Inspires Art Inspires Music.You can watch the trailer here, and find more information at the link below.*

Confirm attendance at the Facebook event here

Attendees can expect:

Positive Energy.

Tangible Audience Engagement.

A Cinematic Atmosphere.

Incessant Inspiration.




Bowker Auditorium is located within Stockbridge Hall.