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Online Exhibition: Trish Crapo - The Presence of Absence

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September 15—October 7, 2020


Free admission
Anne LaPrade Seuthe

Hampden Gallery at the University of Massachusetts Amherst announces the launch of The Presence of Absence, a solo online exhibition by Leyden, MA-based artist, Trish Crapo.

Perhaps you already know how easily the memory of a lost loved one can become a phantom companion. Through photographs, video and spoken word created at a remote shack in the wild dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Crapo explores whether wind, a clothesline, and a white nightgown can summon someone from the other side.

Aiming her lens on the pristine expanse of the Cape’s unpopulated dunes, Crapo captures the nuances of nature, opening our eyes to see more than what is there. The shadow on a fence becomes as significant as its counterpart of sunlight. The wild grass bending with the wind contrasts with the stillness of the sandy mounds. A diminutive shack underscores the majesty of the sea. Crapo captures these scenes not as a documentarian but as an artist contemplating the profound loss of a loved one. The infinite presence of a single life is conjured in its absence.

The online live Zoom exhibition includes a movie that combines a reading of Crapo’s original poetry with images of a simple white nightgown hung from a clothesline on the beach. For the artist, this image conjures her beloved sister, Susan, who died in 2008 of breast cancer. 

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Art Exhibit