Music Theory Talk: John Cooper

Event Details

March 7, 2014
1:25 pm-2:15 pm

Fine Arts Center

Room: 44

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission
Stefan Caris Love

A talk by John Cooper, co-founder of the East-West Chamber Ensemble & Cooper Music Studios.

Topic: Differences and Similarities between Music of India and the West

During Cooper's 1965 Fulbright study in India, he began adapting the cyclic Takadimi Rhythm Method of India to teaching and performing music.  Takadimi rhythm is a body language that connects rhythm, melody and words.  It is focused on body/mind coordination.  During the presentation he will address these questions:

How do Indian speed changes differ from Western metric rhythm?
What are melodic motifs, and how do they influence the expression of music?
Why and how is the Takadimi language more effective than number counting?