It's Not All Academic: An Art Historian's Encounters with the Outside World

April 26, 2013
2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Alumni Association

A special presentation by Professor of Art History Walter Denny. Drawing on his own career experience, UMass Art Historian Walter B. Denny discusses what makes art historians unique among scholars of the Humanities: their involvement with a subject - art - consisting of objects with market value, that are always, among other things, commodities that were, or are, bought and sold. Enter a shady cast of characters: fakers and forgers, thieves and vandals, copyright violators, disreputable dealers and "experts", and even the occasional scholarly fraud. Coping with these problems is often an important part of an art historian's work, and in this illustrated talk Professor Denny will discuss some specific examples that he has addressed over a 50-year career.