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Good Neighbor Initiative

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April 6—May 4, 2020

Free admission
Emerson Finkle

It's at times like these when it feels particularly important to reach out and show up for our neighbors. UMass Hillel is mobilizing members of our community to be good neighbors and check in on those around us.

1. Reach out to the neighbors on either side of your apartment/home.      

If you have their phone number or email already, send them an email/text or give them a call to check in. If you don't have their contact info already, you can write or print a note introducing yourself and offering your contact info so they can reach you. Tape the note to their door, being careful to limit contact with the doorknob or other frequently touched surfaces.

Ask your neighbors what they might need and think about the things you could offer while maintaining social distancing. Just a few possibilities include: supplies, childcare, assistance ordering groceries online, listening ear/emotional support.

2. Find your neighborhood's mutual aid network.

So you've contacted your most immediate neighbors and are looking for more ways to support your community?

These networks are created by organizers to more efficiently share resources and skills among the residents of a city or town. Find yours here:

3. Put it on the map. 

We're putting together a map to show all the communities where UMass students are showing up for their neighbors.

Fill out this short form so we can support your work and add your neighborhood to the list:

Check out the map here:

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