Film Screening: 'Escape from Room 18'

Event Details

December 10, 2017
5:00 pm-8:00 pm

Room: Events Hall

Miriam Cantor-Stone

Screening of "Escape from Room 18" followed by a talk with ex-Neo- Nazi John Daly, the subject of the film.

Daly, who fled to Israel after his own gang tried to murder him upon discovering that he is Jewish, received an e-mail from someone in his long forgotten past. Kevin Connell, a fellow ex-skinhead, who is on a mission to change his own life and make amends, invited Daly to join him at an Eastern European concentration camp in Prague. It is Connell's hope that by seeing the effects of what they practiced and preached they will come closer to a greater understanding, and ultimately, redemption. Suffering from PTSD and a brain tumor, Daly is reluctant to accept this offer. Is this another attempt on his life? Or could Connell actually be on a mission to find forgiveness for the pain he caused so many people, so long ago?

This event is co-sponsored by UMass Hillel and UMass AEPi.

Event Category

Diversity Film Screening