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Face Recognition & Regulation: Q & A with Professor Erik Learned-Miller

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July 15, 2020
4:00 pm-5:00 pm


Join professor and national expert Erik Learned-Miller to explore face recognition research and discuss a proposed solution for regulating a young technology that is prone to errors and misuse.

A troubling example of such problems was recently reported by The New York Times. In January, an African-American man named Robert Williams was arrested in Detroit for committing a crime he had nothing to do with because he was incorrectly identified by a face recognition algorithm. The police used the faulty match as conclusive evidence despite being explicitly instructed not to rely on automatic face recognition alone. This is exactly the nightmarish scenario that many concerned citizens and citizen advocacy groups have been worried about. 

How did we get here? What should be done about it? Should we ban all face recognition technology? Can we find a way to benefit from the proper uses of face recognition technology while protecting against these abuses and errors?

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Lecture/Talk/Panel Virtual