In accordance with Massachusetts regulations, strict restrictions are in effect for in-person campus events. Most of the the events listed here are taking place remotely on Zoom and other online platforms. See each listing for details. All times are United States Eastern Time Zone.

Epidemiology Seminar Zoom Meeting: Lauren C. Houghton, Ph.D.

Event Details

April 3, 2020
10:00 am-11:00 am


Free admission

Misgendered Hormones: How androgens increase breast cancer risk.

Sex hormones play a significant role in breast cancer etiology, yet research focuses on estrogens, typically thought of as a “female” hormones. However, androgens, also known as “male” hormones, are also implicated in risk. This talk will review the association of androgens with breast cancer risk and then will zoom in on puberty as a critical time when the breast is first exposed to androgens. Using mixed-methods, we will explore modifiable risk factors associated with elevated androgens and discuss how androgens may be a biocultural marker of risk that can be implemented into current risk assessment strategies.