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Digital Art Exhibition: "Celebrating Brett - A Life in Art"

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April 23—May 5, 2021


Free admission
Augusta Savage Gallery
413-545-2511, 800-999-UMAS

Digital Exhibition

Pen and paper kept my child company while I worked in the theater. Armed with colorful markers and stacks of white paper, Brettney drew delightful pictures of cats. There were literally thousands of them. Art-making became a meaningful outlet for Brett in their short life and they have left a collection of drawings that are funny and political; intimate and audacious. Spending time with the collection, I remember their sense of humor and their commitment to social justice. I see their love of color and collage. Sharing their artwork is a part of my healing process. This exhibit includes Brett’s original pieces alongside the work of sculptor Kamil Peters, quiltmaker Barbara Boseman, and many others who continue to mourn Brett’s passing. We are carrying this heavy load together.

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Art Exhibit