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Current | Undercurrent Curated by Linda Griggs and M. Charlene Stevens

Event Details

February 1—May 14, 2021 8:00 am-8:00 pm


Free admission
Hampden Gallery
413-545-2511, 800-999-UMAS

Curators M. Charlene Stevens and Linda Griggs both approach art reflecting current events:

"CURRENT | UNDERCURRENT is a visual conversation relating to current events such as COVID-19, gender (LGBTQIA+, masculinity) racial justice (Black Lives Matter), and climate change. The show addresses these issues through the shared anxiety of a divided nation and a partisan political climate. There are no clean divisions in these issues. COVID-19 and climate change have more devastating effects on Black and brown people. A California wildfire began with a gender reveal party’s pyrotechnics. Toxic masculinity has fed the anti-mask."

– M. Charlene Stevens 

"Through icons, photography, sound art installation, and abstracted or representational painting, CURRENT | UNDERCURRENT, addresses the anxiety surrounding the country’s ongoing crises and the unresolved issues that allowed them to manifest. The show’s subjects move from the general to the specific as it takes for its organizing principle the four key points that then President-elect Biden vowed to address on his first day in office: the pandemic, racial justice, climate change, and the economy."

– Linda Griggs

Artists: Pilar Agoyo, Roberta Atabaigi, Savona Bailey-McClain – West Harlem Arts Fund, Kimberly Becoat, Sanford Biggers, Zoe Buckman x For Freedoms, Linda Byrne, William Camargo, Renée Cox, Nadia DeLane – West Harlem Arts Fund, Patricia Fabricant, David B. Frye, Dolores Gull, Allen Hansen, Frederick Hayes, Rashid Johnson, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Coby Kennedy x For Freedoms, Lisa Levy, Pamela Longobardi, Steven Mallon, Christina Marsh, Jamie Martinez, Steve Mumford, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Katarra Peterson, Aviva Rahmani and Dr. Jim White, Duke Riley, David Rios Ferreira, Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson AKA La’Vender Freddy, Shellyne Rodriguez, Arlene Rush, Kathleen Vance, Jasmine Wahi x For Freedoms, Adrian White

Event Category

Art Exhibit