The Semi-Final is a closed door event during which teams will have 15 minutes to pitch in front of a panel of judges. 

February 3, 2017
11:55 pm

Students and alumni are invited to speak with employers who are seeking to diversify their employment talent and will be hiring for internships and full-time opportunities.

February 14, 2017
1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Student Union, Ballroom

Students and alumni can meet a variety of employers at our largest career fair regarding internships, co-ops or full-time professional opportunities.

February 15, 2017
10:00 am-3:00 pm

Mullins Center

This training will provide participants with the opportunity to apply their learning by developing intentional and coordinated programs for sexual assault prevention.

February 25—February 26, 2017 10:00 am-4:00 pm

All Campus

The topic for this public lecture was selected in response to CNS faculty interest and will focus on effective strategies for all professionals on how to negotiate well.

March 29, 2017
10:30 am-12:00 pm

Campus Center Auditorium

The University of Massachusetts Innovation Challenge Final Competition is the fourth and final event in the 2016-17 Innovation Challenge series.

April 6, 2017
5:00 pm-8:00 pm

Campus Center, Amherst Room

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate Commencement Ceremony will take place Friday, May 12, 2017, at 9 a.m. 

May 12, 2017
9:00 am-11:15 am

Mullins Center

UMass ROTC graduates will be commissioned into the United States Air Force at this ceremony.

May 12, 2017
10:00 am-11:00 am

Goodell Hall, Bernie Dallas Room

UMass ROTC graduates will be commissioned into the United States Army at this ceremony.

May 12, 2017
10:00 am-11:00 am

Stockbridge Hall, Bowker Auditorium

This ceremony is the honors convocation and presentation of gold stoles for graduating Commonwealth Honors College seniors.

May 12, 2017
1:30 pm-3:00 pm

Mullins Center