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Campus Race to Zero Waste

Event Details

January 31—March 26, 2021

All Campus

Laurie Simmons

UMass Amherst is competing against hundreds of other universities and colleges in Campus Race to Zero Waste 2021. An 8 week national competition that helps colleges and universities advance campus recycling, food waste diversion, and waste reduction efforts. 

How do I participate?

Get it to the bin. Recycle your recyclables (empty dining to-go containers are now RECYCLABLE) and empty your food scraps into a FOOD WASTE bin.  Remember, no containers or packaging of any kind can go in the Food Waste bins. Check out the campus recycling guidelines!

Get in the game: Reduce your waste! Reuse items when possible! Recycle properly, empty it and use the right bin (Recycle / Food Waste/ Trash)!

And please remember to KEEP LIQUIDS OUT of all waste streams. Pour off any liquids before disposing wastes.

Use Hydration Stations to refill your reusable water bottle and reduce single-use plastic waste. There are over 256 hydration stations on our campus and counting. Check out our plastics reduction initiatives