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Alive With Dance: Decisive Authenticity

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April 12—April 13, 2019 7:30 pm

Bowker Auditorium

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Ticket prices are $5 for students, seniors & children, $10 for the general public, and free for UMass Students. Tickets may be purchased at the Fine Arts Center Box Office, by phone at 413-545-2511, or online at
Emily Small

Alive With Dance presents Decisive Authenticity

Alive With Dance, in collaboration with the UMass Dance Department, presents Decisive Authenticity, an evening of performances of senior thesis works.

The concert features seven pieces that have been in the works since September. We open with a work by Nicole Donato, who has been researching perspective as a powerful tool of the mind. Society has evolved to become driven by  a whirlwind of thoughts founded by negativity. The potential that lives in the human mind is incomprehensible. This movement in Sheer Spirit encompasses these ideas closely related to the power of the mind in medical hardships. Encapsulate by Angela Weigel explores the grey area between success and failure. Olivia Brown and Sydney Willwerth offer an excerpt from their evening length work Perpetual Motion. The piece focuses on the relationship of the dancers and the ideas of energy and release. Emily Small’s I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People is a reflection of public health research about health disparities, the concept that socially disadvantaged groups suffer from poor mental and physical health disproportionately when compared to socially advantaged populations. It is a protest piece designed to give the dancers the opportunity to stand together against how this is affecting women. The book Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee has inspired Anna Grace Reilly to make The Essential Seven, in which the dancers portray seven aesthetics that are most pleasing to the human eye. Freedom, play, abundance, harmony, celebration, renewal, and energy come together on stage to bring happiness to all who watch and all who dance. Nicole Perno has been working on Beyond the Screen, in which she researches how our society is becoming a place where the only sounds we hear is tapping on keyboards and the only thing we make eye contact with is the screens on our phone. Can we unite together and stop this problem before it becomes too late or is it already? Synergy by Brittany McNally explores the physical manifestation of self-concept and social perception. How does one perceive themself, and how does that compare to and influence the way that their peers perceive them?  Can anyone truly know themselves anymore after being fully seen and inevitably scrutinized by those around them?

Alive With Dance is a Registered Student Organization at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in partnership with the UMass Dance Department. All of our choreographers are UMass Dance seniors presenting their theses. Most, but not all dancers are UMass Dance majors.


Bowker Auditorium is located within Stockbridge Hall.

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Dance Dance Performance