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Current Courses - UWW Online

This page lists our current (for credit) course offerings by category. Please check SPIRE to enroll in a course. Below are all of our ONLINE UWW courses. If you are an on campus student taking face-to-face classes, please check here:

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO prerequisites on ANY of our courses. 200 level ESL courses are focused in on a topic, while 100 ESL level courses are more broad. All ESL courses are open to all English as additional language students. 

Fall 2022

UWW courses (online)

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ESL126 Vocabulary & Comprehension of Academic English (3 credits - online class) 

In this course, students will work on increasing their knowledge and production of highly frequent academic vocabulary found across academic disciplines. They will also improve their reading fluency and comprehension of university-level texts through practicing close reading techniques and performing fluency exercises aimed at improving more automatic word recognition. The students will also read and use vocabulary for a purpose through a series of three course projects.

ESL125 Techniques of Oral Communication (3 credits - online class)

In this course, students will gain confidence in speaking English in the university setting by practicing speaking in a variety of academic contexts, including informal interactions with other students and staff/faculty, effective communication with professors during office hours, participation in class discussions, and delivery of class presentations. Students will also focus on improving pronunciation by using pronunciation software to model, then practice and record their production of English sounds, rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns. 



LLC320 Foundations of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (3 credits) for UWW TESOL students (online class)

The course is designed to present an overview of the field of how additional languages, with an emphasis on English, are learned after a first language has already been acquired. In this course, core concepts of language learning will be explored along with a historical perspective of teaching approaches based on those core concepts. The development of learner language will also be examined from the perspective of the four modalities: reading, writing, listening, speaking, as will the influences of culture and individual differences on language learning.