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Current Courses - On Campus

This page lists our current (for credit) course offerings by category. Please check SPIRE to enroll in a course. Below are all of our on campus courses. If you are a UWW student taking online classes, please check here:

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO prerequisites on ANY of our courses. 200 level ESL courses are focused in on a topic, while 100 ESL level courses are more broad. All ESL courses are open to all English as additional language students. 

FALL 2022

University Section Courses (on campus students)

ESL125 Techniques of Oral Communication (3 credits)

In this course, students will gain confidence in speaking English in the university setting by practicing speaking in a variety of academic contexts, including informal interactions with other students and staff/faculty, effective communication with professors during office hours, participation in class discussions, and delivery of class presentations. Students will also focus on improving pronunciation by using pronunciation software to model, then practice and record their production of English sounds, rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns. 

ESL126 Vocabulary & Comprehension of Academic English (3 credits)

In this course, students will work on increasing their knowledge and production of highly frequent academic vocabulary found across academic disciplines. They will also improve their reading fluency and comprehension of university-level texts through practicing close reading techniques and performing fluency exercises aimed at improving more automatic word recognition. The students will also read and use vocabulary for a purpose through a series of three course projects.

ESL225 Techniques in Academic Presentations (3 credits)

In this course, students will develop skills as diverse as choosing an appropriate topic, creating effective visuals, and designing a speech opening. The overall goal of this course is to develop an awareness and use of common speech types and organizational strategies and to prepare university-level students to deliver presentations in an academic setting. Students will also work on pronunciation, so that speech delivery becomes more comprehensible in the university classroom and in professional settings.

ESL240 America through Academic Readings (3 credits)

In this course, students will explore various key topics in American life through academic readings to hone both their reading comprehension skills and to develop a deeper understanding of culture and context. Using close reading strategies to uncover what stated and implied in texts, students will engage with the current academic conversations being held on the values and norms of American life. Using an intercultural approach, they will be invited to thoughtfully consider their individual reactions to and interactions with such themes, and express these ideas in both discussion and writing.

ESL601 Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3 credits)

This course is focused on creating written products that are discipline specific and based on original research. Students will read and analyze research papers within their fields; practice writing abstracts, various sections of research reports, and posters for presentations, as well as other products. The course will consist of tasks associated with the academic writing process, and throughout, there will be an emphasis on the conventions of academic written English, including grammatical concepts, vocabulary and highly frequent collocations.

LLC125 Intercultural Communication: Language & Identity (4 credits- Gen. Ed. SB, DG)

We live in an increasingly globalized world, where living and working with people from various cultures is nearly an everyday occurrence. These interactions, combined with ever-growing opportunities for students to explore and study in foreign settings, make it important to master effective ways to engage and learn from these experiences. This course will engage students interested in developing intercultural competence with an eye towards fostering diverse and vibrant communities that coexist peacefully.

For on campus TESOL Students (Select University Section on SPIRE)

LLC320 Foundations of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (3 credits) for On Campus TESOL students (online class)

The course is designed to present an overview of the field of how additional languages, with an emphasis on English, are learned after a first language has already been acquired. In this course, core concepts of language learning will be explored along with a historical perspective of teaching approaches based on those core concepts. The development of learner language will also be examined from the perspective of the four modalities: reading, writing, listening, speaking, as will the influences of culture and individual differences on language learning.