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Trainings & Workshops

Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA)  staff offer no-cost trainings and workshops  on a host of civil rights related matters to the campus. Topics include ADA/Section 504/Accessibility, Title IX, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, and much more. 

EOA staff are knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics and offer a variety of customizable presentation options to best suite your training needs. Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at @email or (413) 545-3464, to schedule a time to discuss your training needs with an EOA staff member.

EOA staff includes a Title IX Specialist who conducts trainings and workshops on multiple aspects of Title IX including: Title IX reporting, restorative justice, rape culture on campus, intersectionality of sexual violence, LGBTQIA+ cultural awareness, and substances and sex. To request a specialized Title IX related speaker or workshop, please call EOA (413) 545-3464, email Jules Purnell the Title IX Training Specialist, or use this online request form

EOA Prevention Trainings Include:

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

This course covers University policies and procedures governing harassment and discrimination. Topics include defining and clarifying harassment, discrimination and retaliation, preventing and responding to harassment complaints, and addressing issues as an employee or supervisor.

New Employee Training on Harassment and Discrimination

This training consists of a thorough overview of the policies and procedures dealing with Sexual Discrimination. We will also review what is sexual harassment, discrimination, what is a disability, what are the laws that are relevant to it, how to address it, and what are the responsibilities of employees and their supervisors as it pertains to addressing harassment and discrimination. This training will be conducted by EOA Staff.

Harassment Prevention and Title IX Online Training Information

The University of Massachusetts Amherst deeply values its responsibility to create and ensure a respectful, safe, and inclusive campus for all members of the community. The University has teamed up and contracted with “Get Inclusive” to offer online trainings in HIPAA, Harassment Prevention and Title IX and more.ault, and discrimination and how to prevent these from occurring on campus.

  • All new employees are required to take this online training.
  • All Responsible Employees (Mandated Reporters) are required to take this online training.
  • All employees required to take this training will be granted release time to take the online training.
  • Harassment Prevention and Title IX Training is open to all University employees, whether they are new hires or not.
  • New employees who complete this online training are not required to also complete the in-person Harassment Prevention Training upon resumption of normal campus operations.

Start online inclusivity training with Get Inclusive.

Session for Responsible Employees: Responding to Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Reports

This course will cover taking the appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassment and how to respond effectively to sexual harassment complaints.