Pregnant and Parenting Student Resources

Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against pregnant students based upon their marital status and cannot discriminate against a student because of childbirth, false pregnancy, or recovery from related conditions. Under Title IX, a pregnant student can obtain a leave of absence from UMass Amherst for as long as it is deemed medically necessary to be absent and to resume the academic status held when the leave began. You do not have to drop out of your classes, program, or change your educational plans due to pregnancy, but you may be required to make up work that is missed. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a pregnant or parenting student, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Dean of Students Office.


Access to childcare is key in balancing work/school and family life. UMass Amherst provides on-campus childcare through the Center for Early Education in Childhood (CEEC) and information about various community childcare centers and programs through the Office of Student Parent Programs. Information on babysitting and childcare co-ops is available here.

Breastfeeding & Pumping Areas on Campus

Breastfeeding is not limited to specific areas on campus. For those who would like more private space for breastfeeding or pumping, however, the campus has an number of specifically designated lactation rooms. Lactation rooms are located at: (1) Furcolo Hall, Room W243; (2) Lederle Graduate Research Center, Room 1115C; (3) Physical Sciences Building, Room 288; (4) Agricultural Engineering North, Room 116H; (5) Physical Plant Building Addition, Room 342; (6) Student Union, Room 461; (7) Integrative Learning Center, Room S335; (8) South College, Room E522; (9) Chapel, Room 17; (10) Bartlett Hall, Room 9; (11) John W. Olver Design Building, Room 344A; (12) Isenberg School of Management, Room 376; (13) Whitmore Hall, Room 300A and at 400 Venture Way, Room 121A. A corresponding (PDF) map of these numbered spaces is available for download here. Please note that 400 Venture Way is not displayed on the map.

Students who need private space for breastfeeding or pumping are also encouraged to speak with the Office of Student Parent Programs. Employees can speak to their office supervisors or contact the Title IX Coordinator for assistance. The Office of Student Parent Programs, Equal Opportunity and Access, and Central Human Resources can assist with finding space in addition to the officially designated lactation rooms.

For Graduate Student Employees

Article 44, page 51 of the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) contract ensures that graduate student employees may take Family Medical Leave for the birth or adoption of a child. In addition to the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, graduate student employees may contact the UMass Graduate School or GEO for concerns related to family leave, childcare, or any other Title IX related issue.