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Title IX Training Specialist

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Jules Purnell, M.Ed.
Title IX Training Specialist

Looking for a speaker or facilitator to discuss topics such as consent, sexual violence, healthy relationships, human sexuality, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and intersectionality? Working under the Equal Opportunity & Access Office and Title IX, Jules has extensive experience covering these subjects and many more! Please use this form to invite Jules to speak.

Email: @email
Form: Invitation to Speak
Phone: 413.545.3464
Instagram: @umasstitleix


Sample Topics Include:

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Title IX Reporting: Who is a 'Responsible Employee' and what does that mean?

What are the differences between confidential, private, and non-confidential resources at UMass?

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Intersectionality of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is often framed in a very narrow way. Which communities are really most vulnerable, and why does this matter?

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Rape Culture on Campus

What is "rape culture," and how can we all create a more just and less harmful campus culture in its place?

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What is Restorative Justice?

Discover the history, benefits, and limitations of alternatives to addressing harm outside of the carceral system.

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LGBTIAQ+ Cultural Awareness

Learn about traditions of sexuality and gender diversity across time and around the world, including a deep dive on pronoun usage.

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Substances & Sex

How do alcohol and cannabis impact our ability to give and get sexual consent? What are some harm reductions strategies to party safer?