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Equal Opportunity and Access Office (EOA)

The Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA) Office provides expert advice, education, and services to create and maintain a positive campus climate and support the university’s compliance with Title IX, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and civil rights laws, regulations, and university policies. EOA provides both formal and informal means of investigating and resolving sexual harassment, (including sexual violence) and sexual misconduct complaints between members of the campus including faculty, staff, and students. When a claim is investigated, EOA can assist with putting supportive measures in place. The office also provides training to raise awareness through understanding and identifying behaviors that may be considered sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct. EOA is also responsible for the intake and determination of employee workplace accommodations.

EOA Office contact information is below. Please use the following links to report a concern or incident online or explore EOA Resources.

The Equal Opportunity and Access Office (EOA)

225 Bartlett Hall, 130 Hicks Way