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Report a Concern

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The University of Massachusetts Amherst is committed to maintaining a positive campus climate for all community members and adherence by all to the University’s policies prohibiting harassment and nondiscrimination is an essential part of maintaining a positive campus climate. 

This page details how one can report concerns relating to protected civil rights including harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment under Title IX, sexual or gender harassment including sexual assault, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, and domestic violence; or retaliation, pursuant to the University’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence; and Title IX obligations.

Once a concern is submitted, the EOA staff will review the report and will assign an EOA staff member to contact the reporting party. If the report relates to or identifies actual or possible prohibited conduct under the University's Title IX Policy and Procedures, EOA will forward that report to the university’s Title IX Coordinator for the appropriate follow up consistent with the Title IX Policy and ProceduresAdditional information on what happens when an incident is reported can be found in this flowchart (pdfhtml, or Word doc). Should a party seek to contact the Title IX Coordinator directly, please direct such inquiry to:

Kerri Thompson Tillett
Title IX Coordinator
Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity
225 Bartlett Hall
130 Hicks Way

Amherst, Massachusetts 01003
Tel: (413) 545-3464
Email -

Please be aware that submitting a concern does not mean a complaint has been filed. In order to determine whether a complaint will be initiated, you will need to contact the EOA office for an intake meeting where you will be able to discuss your concerns and the options available to you more in depth.

Please do not use this format in an emergency situation! If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 from a landline. The UMass Police Department can be reached at (413) 545-2121 for non-emergencies. The Center for Women and Community has a 24 hour assault hot line at (413) 545-0800 and toll free (888) 337-0800. Additionally, reporting a concern does not constitute filing an official police report, you must contact the UMPD directly.

Please note that this office strives to protect the privacy of individuals and shares information only on a ‘need to know’ basis. All information will remain private but not confidential which includes the information submitted via email through this page. However, there are confidential resources available on campus if you wish to speak with someone confidentially. Please review the EOA Campus Resource Page, which identifies confidential resources.

When Reporting a Concern: please include the following information if possible:

  1. About You: Name; Area of Study; Position/Title; Department; Preferred Phone & Email.
  2. About the Incident(s): Date/Time; Location; Brief Description of the Incident(s) Causing Concern.
  3. About Other Party(ies) Involved: Name(s); Position/Title; Department; Contact Information.