Major Requirements

Math/Science Foundation Courses

BIOLOGY 100/101 - Introductory Biology I and II
CHEM 111/112 - General Chemistry I and II
CHEM 250 or CHEM 261 - Organic Chemistry I
MATH 127/128 - Calculus I and II
RES-ECON 211 - Introductory Statistics
RES-ECON 262 - Environmental Economics

Environmental Science Core Requirements

ENVIRSCI 191A/194A - Introductory Seminar I and II
ENVIRSCI 112 - Fundamentals of the Environment
ENVIRSCI 213 - Introduction to Environmental Policy
ENVIRSCI 214 - Principles of Environmental Biology
ENVIRSCI 315 - Principles of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
ENVIRSCI 380 - Writing in the Environmental Science

Upper Level Courses

Students who do not select a specific concentration can complete the requirements for the major in the General Track of study. Four additional courses in the Environmental Science area must be taken at the 300-level or above. Students selecting the General Track of study are encouraged to take courses that emphasize a specific area of interest within the field. One semester of organic chemistry is required.

Concentration Areas

Environmental Biology
Environmental Policy
Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry