Innovation & Entrepreneurship RAP

What is the I&E RAP?

Are you looking to take your innovative ideas to the next level? Join our Innovation & Entrepreneurship Residential Academic Program (I&E RAP) and jumpstart your Innovation & Entrepreneurial journey. This program is open to all freshman students of any major and provides an opportunity to explore and develop your entrepreneurial skills, no matter your area of study. Don't wait to discover the future - join I&E RAP today!

 The new I&E RAP aims to unite diverse individuals and provide the freedom and guidance for innovation and entrepreneurial success. This program gives students across all colleges, decided or not, access to experts from various fields to transform their business plans from ideas to reality. While encouraging academic success and innovation, this program’s living arrangement allows students to collide and collaborate on innovative ideas outside of a formal academic setting and build lasting relationships with their peers. Furthermore, the I&E RAP fosters personal and professional growth through networking opportunities, workshops, and support from a robust entrepreneurial community. The program prepares students for innovation in the real world and equips them with the practical skills to become the world’s next change-makers. 

Applications closed for Fall 2024!