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2020 Alumni Publications

Marie Buck. Unsolved Mysteries. Roof, 2020.

Gabriel Bump. Everywhere You Don’t Belong. Algonquin, 2020.

Melissa Caruso. The Obsidian Tower. Orbit Books, 2020.

Carol Ann Davis. The Nail in the Tree: Essays on Art, Violence, and Childhood. Tupelo Press, 2020.

Lawrence Giffin. Untitled, 2004. After Hours Editions, 2020.

Brian Henry. Permanent State. Threadsuns Press, 2020.

Valerie Martin. I Give It to You. Nan A. Telese, 2020.

Michael Robins. People You May Know. Saturnalia Books, 2020.

Sejal Shah. This is One Way to Dance. University of Georgia Press, 2020.

Gale Marie Thompson. Helen or My Hunger. YesYes Books, 2020.

Natasha Trethewey. Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir. Ecco, 2020.

Lindsey Webb. House. Ghost Proposal, 2020.