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2019 Alumni Publications

Eric Baus. How I Became a Hum. Octopus Books, 2019.

Gabriel Bump. Everywhere You Don’t Belong. Algonquin, 2020.

Hannah Brooks-Motl. Earth. The Song Cave, 2019.

Melissa Caruso. The Unbound Empire. Orbit Books, 2019.

Heather Christle. The Crying Book. Catapult, 2019.

Michael Earl Craig. Woods and Clouds Interchangeable. Wave Books, 2019.

Nancy L. Davis. Ghosts. Finishing Line Press, 2019.

Emmalie Dropkin (co-editor). Strange Attractors: Lives Changed By Chance. University of Massachusetts Press, 2019.

Madeline ffitch. Stay and Fight. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019.

Emily Hunt. Company. The Song Cave, 2019.

Jeanne Julian. Like the O in Hope. The Poetry Box, 2019.

Anjali Khosla. Ghostbot. Wendy’s Subway / Nor By Press, 2019.

Dorothea Lasky. Animal. Wave Books, 2019.

Lesle Lewis. Rainy Days on the Farm. Fence Books, 2019.

Patricia O’Donnell. The Vigilance of Stars. Unsolicited Press, 2019.

Lev Raphael. State University of Murder. Perseverance Press, 2019.

Karen Skolfield. Battle Dress. W. W. Norton, 2019.

Diane Wald. Gillyflower. She Writes Press, 2019.

Arisa White. Fish Walking & Other Bedtime Stories for My Wife. Per Diem Press, 2019.

Arisa White. Biddy Mason Speaks Up. Heyday Books, 2019.

Xu Xi. This Fish is Fowl: Essays of Being, University of Nebraska Press, 2019.

Matthew Zapruder. Father’s Day. Copper Canyon, 2019.