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Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of a group of students representing diverse aspects of the English Department and the University. Among their key duties, they provide important feedback from the English majors at large to the Director of Undergraduate English. Additionally, SAB members particpate in English open houses and meet with prospective UMass students who've expressed interest in studying English. They provide majors with invaluable peer advising assistance at the beginning of pre-registration and are there to help majors make informed decisions based on their aims and interests. 

Board members can be contacted by email at the highlighted addresses below; they can answer questions about courses, the major, specializations, internship and career services, and other English Department and CHFA resources.

2020-2021 Student Advisory Board

Headshot of Madeline SullivanMadeline Sullivan (madelinesull@umass.eduis a junior English major. When asked about her experience so far, she responded, “I chose my major because I wanted to follow my passion for teaching and integrate that with my love of literature. Over the past few years, I’ve taken several courses that helped me grow academically. From Old English poetry to 21st century American literature, some incredible professors expand on the material and offer different perspectives. I know many peers who are engaged in specializations that the English department has to offer. These specializations are a great way to encourage students to customize the major to fit their needs and expand on their unique interests. While the University to Schools pathways for teacher licensure aren’t specifically attached to the English department, I’m more than happy to discuss any of the specializations or teaching pathways with any student. I’m really looking forward to serving as an undergraduate voice on the Student Advisory Board and helping peers find their way!”

Samantha Souza ( is a senior English major.  When asked what drew her to English, she responded, "I have always been passionate about the subject, and declared it as my major during my freshman year because of how many different directions I could go in. I explored different types of English courses before ultimately deciding on pursuing a career as a high school English teacher. I am always happy to discuss with others that there are so many different paths to take as an English major, whether that includes adding a letter of specialization, a minor, or even a secondary major. The professors in the department have greatly assisted me academically and professionally, and I am so excited to serve as an undergraduate voice for the English Department and my peers!"

Headshot of Sarah Graha,Sarah Graham (sgraham@umass.eduis a senior English major specializing in the Study and Practice of Writing and Professional Writing and Technical Communication. What drew Sarah to the English major initially was her love of reading and literature. She loves participating in small discussion-based classes, writing absolutely riveting rhetorical analysis papers, and picking apart a passage word by word. When asked about her experience in being an English major at UMass, Sarah responded, “What I love about the English major is that you have freedom to argue any point, as long as you have the evidence to back it up. My English education has helped me refine my written and communication skills, as well as my research and critical thinking practices. I’ve also come into contact with amazing professors and faculty in the department who are really passionate about helping their students succeed. Through taking English classes at UMass, I’ve become confident in my ability to write well, and I feel thankful that my education allows me to continuously work on my craft. I’m excited to serve on SAB, and I can’t wait to help other students find their way in the English major!”