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The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of a group of students representing diverse aspects of the English Department and the University. Among their key duties, they provide important feedback from the English majors at large to the Director of Undergraduate English. Additionally, SAB members participate in English open houses and meet with prospective UMass students who've expressed interest in studying English. They provide majors with invaluable peer advising assistance at the beginning of pre-registration and are there to help majors make informed decisions based on their aims and interests. 

Board members can be contacted by email at their individual addresses (see the most recent member list, below); or they can be reached at @email. They can answer questions about courses, the major, specializations, internship and career services, and other English Department and CHFA resources. Stay up to date by reading the SAB newsletter, the SAB BLAB (PDF).

Student Advisory Board Members