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Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is a group of undergraduate students formed to develop, implement, and provide programs that help build community among English majors and minors.

Student Advisory Board Report 

Last semester, the Student Advisory Board learned that the key to its success was teamwork. This may seem obvious -- we met just about weekly, to share observations, ideas, and turkey subs. We were constantly working as a team to try to brainstorm new ways to counsel students, new events, and new ways of catching the attention of English majors. However, the thing that didn't cross our minds was combining our team's efforts with those of another team: the members of the English Society

Signs advertising the printed release of Jabberwocky began appearing around Bartlett Hall, and from there, our idea was born -- join with the members of the English Society to hold an event! The planning began, e-mails were sent, and a reading was planned for mid-May. We had pizza and soda, and authors read their own work from the new edition of Jabberwocky. The turnout was one of the largest the Student Advisory Board had experienced and it was truly an entertaining event! 

We now hope that we can create and stage events that will surpass even the turnout of our most successful event to date. We want to make peer-to-peer advising accessible, as a non-threatening, easy alternative for all students. Our major focus this semester will be reviewing our past efforts, brainstorming new ways of providing assistance to students, and putting our plans into action. Our shared Student Advisory Board email is a good start to making ourselves more accessible to students, and our own profiles below will hopefully make us more recognizable to students in need of guidance. We're hoping that this semester, the Student Advisory Board will be able to provide the best events and advising we've ever had. 

How can I get involved?

Students interested in joining the SAB or helping with events contact us at, or stop by the English Undergraduate Advising Office (South College E345) for more information.