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High School English (STEP)

If you plan to teach English at the secondary level, you will need to take additional courses beyond those required for the English major. It is therefore critical to see an advisor in the Undergraduate English Office and in the School of Education early in your undergraduate career.


You should meet with an advisor to help you choose English courses that will help you meet the specific subject matter requirements that are necessary for admission into one of the university’s Secondary Teacher Education Programs (STEP). 

Every semester the English Undergraduate Office prepares a list showing which of our courses fulfill these subject matter areas. This list is available both in the office and on our website's Undergraduate courses page.

    Admission into STEP

    For admission into one of the programs, you will also need

    • a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 GPA in English.
    • to pass the Communication and Literacy portion of the MTEL prior to admission to the undergraduate University to Schools program, and within the first semester of the post-graduate programs.
    • to understand the social justice mission of STEP, and to acquire experiences—through coursework, tutoring, or internships—that expand your awareness of diversity and inequity issues in education.

    STEP Planning Forms

    STEP Subject Matter Form (PDF)
    University to Schools Approved Program of Study (PDF)



    Students considering STEP should meet as soon as possible with Janis Greve ( in the English Undergraduate Advising Office (South College E345B).

    The following links provide additional information about STEP:


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